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RPG A Day 2020: a pretty inconsistent anthology

As the title suggests, this is a selection of physical games that brazenly lack any kind of running theme. It contains hacks or arcade and board games, tabletop games focused on drawing or collaging, multiple LARPs and more.

The one thing that loosely connected these games is that they were created during 'RPG A Day 2020' in August, out of an impulse to try new ideas, combine different elements and chase what feels fun.

The games in the anthology are:

Are You Feeling Lucky, [Cyber]punk? - play out a character's attempted escape from a dystopian future with an arcade coin-pusher
Buckaroo the RPG - 
tell the story of a group's unfulfilled hopes in the wild west with, well, Buckaroo
Change - chart a character's changing life and shifting identity over 20 years
Dusk - identify your real friend amongst strange but convincing doppelgangers whilst lost in a reality-defying forest
The Floor is Trapdoors - 
play 'the floor is lava', but with more theatrics and unpredictability
The Greatest Detectives In The World -
 take on the role of miscellaneous sidekicks banding together to solve the mystery of a legendary detective's disappearance
Portrait of a Dynasty - explore the tensions, clashes and kindnesses between a hyper-powerful group whilst drawing the portrait they've all gathered to sit for
Quilt - create a quilt passed down between generations, whilst telling the story of the many members of this family
Takeout - play out the story of a group of co-workers striking in an imagined world the night before they take action
Tunnel of Love (and other emotions maybe) - reveal something you've been hiding from your partner, whilst you've got a moment of privacy on this ride...

The anthology is available as a pdf or plain text document, suitable for low-vision gamers and screen-readers.


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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