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An anthology of six solo games, each with its own unique form of exploring a story in a Twilight Zone-like universe:

  • Double Take: a journalling game, following a week in the life of a person seemingly haunted by a doppelgänger.
  • A Fork In The Road: a zero-materials game, about a faulty teleporter and how it changes its users and their lives.
  • Messenger: a LARP, where you play someone who must choose which of two mysterious messages to believe and act on.
  • One. Fixed. Point: an audio game, where you take on the role of a scientist lost in a space between realities, trying to get home.
  • Vacuum: a twine-based game, where you play a crew member of a space shuttle, dealing with strange disappearances.
  • Waiting: a card game, exploring the day a diner worker crosses paths with a strange figure known only as The Customer.

One. Fixed. Point. comes as a separate audio file that must be downloaded in addition to the main game book. 

Otherworld involves more digital elements than most roll/flip/draw games; whilst all files and digital games have been thoroughly tested for bugs, please do let me know if you come across one and it will be fixed asap.

Trigger Warning: themes of death and disappearance; due to some games exploring competing accounts of reality, some players may find potential in-game scenarios too close to instances of gaslighting  (individual trigger warnings are given with each game in the book)

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Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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