Awaken. Adapt. Escape. Emerge.

Into the Light is a game made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam. It is a two-minute long solo roleplaying game about known and unknown horrors, where you play a monstrous creature summoned into maddening surrounds.

Into the Light is not recommended for players with claustrophobia, or an aversion to body horror or gore.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authorroll / flip / draw
GenreRole Playing
Made withTwine
Average sessionA few minutes


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Sorry it just 4 successive screens of text, or is it glitching on my end? 

If you see 'go into the light' as some large, standalone text - you've reached the final point (it's essentially 4 screens of text that load at timed points, short experiment in timed solo role-playing prompts via twine rather than a beefier/more typical text game!)


Can you make it claimable?


Will do so asap - first digital game I've added here and can't see why it's not automatically claimable, so trouble-shooting atm!


Sorry for delay - I've now added a file version of the game which can be downloaded/claimed and played using Twine


Much appreciated :-)